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Questions Answered

Do you think a FL would be more or less convenient?

Supposing the Tunnel was built between Ryde and Gosport (one of eight possibilities) would this save time door to door? If you wished to travel to Lymington, Southampton or even Portsmouth from any other location on the Island would this be convenient?

Would it be cost effective?

Toll charges will always be uncertain. What is certain is that the tunnel will have to make a profit -we have all experienced monopolies maximising profits to the benefit of shareholders at the expense of customers. Two hidden prices we would have to pay for are road congestion on both sides of the Solent and extra mileage to reach the one crossing

Would it be safe and reliable?

The Channel Tunnel (and more recently the Mont Blanc Tunnel) fire shows that tunnels are not foolproof. With fewer ferries what would what would happen if a tunnel was closed for any reason and took several months to repair?

Would it make the Island more, or less prosperous?

Custom may increase for small Island Businesses, but so will competition. Will local shoppers travel more often to the mainland to spend their money? Will long-stay tourists lose interest when our unique attraction of being an Island is lost?

Will it reduce or increase the cost of living on the Island?

The tunnel may not be large enough for some heavy commercial vehicles that carry food and manufactured products. Ferries deprived of profits from cars are likely to increase their charges for commercial vehicles. Holidays could be more expensive as tour operator's busses and coaches are similarly affected.

Will the Quality of Life be better or worse?

Will there be less or more air pollution? Will crime be likely to decrease or increase to match that of the mainland? Will there be fewer or more accidents on Island roads? Will more of the Island's roads become crowded more of the time? Will the Island be inundated with day trippers every Summer weekend? Will the Island just become a dirty rundown suburb of Portsmouth?

Will we be able to fight against a fixed link?

A consortium of businesses was seeking, for its own commercial ends to build a tunnel to the Island. It has already spent £100,000 on a feasibility study. It would like to spend a further 1,000,000 on a more detailed feasibility study. They are not going to all this trouble and expense if they do not think they can succeed. Protest and counter argument can work. Help to keep your future under control and join AFLAG.

For the pro fixed Linkers

Do you really think a tunnel will be toll free?

Do you really think a fixed link will reduce unemployment?

Do you really think the Islandís character wonít be changed?

Do you really think pollution will remain low?

Do you really think we wonít become a dirty suburb of Portsmouth?

Do you really think the environment wonít be affected?

Do you really think crime, burglary and car theft wonít get worse?

Do you really think we wonít become an overspill Island ?

Do you really think tourism wonít be damaged?

Do you really think we will fare better than Cornwall and Wales who already have a fixed link?

Do you really think all the ferry companies will stay in business?

Do you really think prices wonít go up once a ferry company goes out of business?

Do you really think investors in a FL donít want to make a profit?

Do you really think the Island wonít be smothered with dual carriage ways?



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