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The letter below was the start of Aflag


Founded in 1998 by Angela Hewitt who at the time was an Independent County Councillor

It was founded in response to the Isle of Wight Council supporting a study to investigate the feasibility of a Fixed Link to the Island. They sponsored the study with 10,000 of tax payers money

The feasibility study showed that a fixed link was possible but at enormous cost to the environment

The initial letter (above) to the County press generated 93 letters in the first week. All correspondents were contacted and asked if they would be interested in forming a a fighting committee. Twelve people showed an interest.

These twelve people with the help of one of the Island's Parish Clerks, Cathy Mills set up a constitution and a set of rules

Meetings are infrequent and usually only take place when there is any suggestion of a threat of a fixed link being built to the Island.




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